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No Comments on The Alchemy of Navratras – Purity and Auspiciousness

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Good morning world! Navratra days are considered ‘auspicious’ in India and we all are celebrating them by living a pure life according to our understanding. Many people are not having onions, meat and alcohol, to live a pure life during these days. So the concept is clear, ‘Purity’ leads you towards ‘auspiciousness’. Well, I don’t know how much pure you can become by not consuming certain food or drinks...

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No Comments on Satsang with Dev OM: People ask me, what is love? This may help-

Satsang with Dev OM: People ask me, what is love? This may help-

Q.: How will you define love? Why it hurts?
Dev: Love is an after-feeling of feeling enhancement of the soul or the joy of being in life for any reason. For example – being in a very comfortable and pampered situation, or being together with someone with whom there is a loving connection, or by feeling fulfilled and blessed...

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No Comments on Satsang with Dev OM

प्रश्न : देव ओम जी संसार में फसे मनुष्य के किये लिए अपनी मनोवृत्तियों पर नियंत्रण कठिन है । जैसे मै पूजा पर २ मिनट से ज्यादा एकाग्र ही नहीं हो पाती और ध्यान उन वस्तुओ या अपने बच्चो के मोह में चला जाता है और उनके क्रिया के तौर पर प्रतिक्रिया होती है कई बार प्रतिक्रिया अनावश्यक होती है पर माया तू इतनी ठगनी की रोक ही नहीं पाते इसका क्या हम जैसे साधारण लोगो के लिए ध्यान मेडिटेशन...

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No Comments on Radhe-Krishna


Radha was elder to Krishna. Radha was a married woman. Priests, Social norms and morality cannot justify this. But the love and oneness of produced immense beauty and light which is invoking a great sense of devotion and guidance to the devotees with purity at heart even till today and it will continue to do so. 

Guys, If you understand the purity and height of love between Radha and Krishna, then you understand ‘Love’. Happy Janmashtami ..

– Dev OM


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No Comments on Be Your Own Master…

Be Your Own Master

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