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No Comments on Prayer Makes us Aware of Our Own Desires and Wants


Prayer makes us aware of our own desires and wants. And while we can’t really change people and situations, by praying we can connect to their hearts and reach them. It is believed that prayer is easier than we think it is. Therefore it can become such a big part of our life that we won’t even realize how much we pray, like breathing. Praying is a very spiritual job. When we pray, we intentionally try to connect with the God or flow of life...

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No Comments on The Nothingness…SHUNYAM

Everything is ready in place for an existential resource. Once you understand that time is the biggest illusion and you are not capable of any outward creation or destruction the doer in you will automatically die. Just understand this and there will not be  anything else left for you to understand in this whole universe..

The only thing we are capable of is to change our own self rest everything is in the hands of the existence...

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No Comments on Right NOW IS LIFE…


Absence of awareness of the moment that you are living in, leads to past or future. Which ultimately makes you live in the outer world (Maya).   …Just by being aware of your inner world, keeping a check on your thoughts, emotions, feelings can bring you to the present, to the moment you are in. Living in the moment is living the inner world. This inner world is your Self/Divine. More you live in your inner world makes you get rooted in your Self...

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No Comments on Soul Is Always Absolutely Free


The more you try to get ‘free’ of someone, a situation or something else, the more you are trapped in it. Trying to get free or freedom from something is the outer action or action of the mind. It is not the action of the soul. Soul is always absolutely Free. It does not need to free itself from anything, it is very important to understand the traps and games played by the mind. The moment your mind tries to free itself of something, it gets trapped.

The sou...

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No Comments on The Healing Is Within You

The Healing Is Within You…


We all have a source of energy within us. This source of energy can be recognized lived and enhanced by us only by using it in our daily life. The more we use this source of light/soul power, the more we are empowered to live a hale and healthy daily life. A person having less or should I say, no blocks in his/her mind is capable of using this energy/light for his and other’s people’s lives.

We limit this energy source by l...

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1 Comment on Living Beyond the Mind Traps

Living Beyond the Mind Traps


It is very interesting to watch and witness the mind creating thoughts. It creates all kind of thoughts, pictures of the past and the future. As the thoughts arise and swirl, the mind, our being, flows along with it, wandering. With this flow it goes from one thought to the other and lands into the trap of vicious thinking.

The non- stop wondering of the mind from past to future thinking leads to mind traps.The mind allures itself...

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