Gluten Allergy – Not a Sin

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Human body is a machine which intelligently takes the inputs and fuel from the environment to produce physical or mechanical output. Inputs are absorbed by five visible senses with eyes provides viewing sense, nose gives breathing and smelling sense, tongue gives taste of food which acts as fuel sense, ears gives hearing sense and skin gives touching sensation of external world. The body acts as the processor to process the sensed inputs digests them and generates the output accordingly.

If the digestion process is impacted the body’s inbuilt intelligent system becomes proactive. The body’s natural protection mechanism checks if any unwanted food responsible for the underlying allergy is being consumed.

For example when viral flu is identified body stops absorbing the heavy constituent elements while healing protection works to correct body to reach back to normal position. In similar way Allergy is a situation when internal processor identifies earlier friendly elements as enemy to body. It could be dust particles, or milk, or gluten – a type of protein found in wheat, barley, rye.
Gluten allergy and it’s affect on human body: Gluten Allergy, therefore, is the situation when our body starts treating gluten as an enemy or allergen for the body and healing process of body starts protecting by not absorbing it. This situation occurs when the processing /digestion has been overloaded by wrongly understanding the senses requirements and feeding either right product at wrong time or vice versa. The product mentioned here is constituted of various kinds of food and emotions (which is a byproduct of brain – generated from various sensed inputs). In the process of non-absorption of allergen like gluten the intestines are weakened and spoiled by keeping it without absorbing it. In result, human body affected by such allergies, generates low level of physical and unaware, unintelligent, illogical, and emotionally affected outputs.
How to sustain back the natural process of digestion: The ones who are affected by gluten allergy to normalize themselves they should restrain themselves from consuming gluten in any form. By doing this, they are giving their body, stomach the digestion power by eating only friendly food so that body recovers back the intestine power, stomach power and in result the physical and mental bodies are healed back. The restraining from gluten could be lifetime longer or decade longer or a few months longer depending upon the mental power of the affected human along with the effectiveness of external medication taken if any.
The process of normalization includes various other efforts like working on understanding of inputs received by human body sensory and changing the defined mental processes by changing our daily habits. Or in other words, the affected person should work on the perceived thoughts, unhealthy emotions generated by conditioned mind. For this, he or she should adapt healthy, happy, spiritual lifestyles which not only improve the way one lives but it impacts whole and sole of humans. Following this the eating habits and importance of eating correct product at right time with correct emotions are realized and adapted.
Human body is designed with higher intelligence is most special gift each soul is having on this earth. The allergies in the system are signal of unhealthy lifestyle/habits being followed. So instead of getting horrified from the signals accept them and work along with them to improve your well being so to live soulful life.

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