Learning to be a Sadhak

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It was in the month of November, 2015 when I took oath for being a ‘Sadhak’ throughout my life. My journey however had started a few years back. The newly adopted life as a Sadhak has been good with the goals I had set up seems to be getting accomplished. The new realizations and energy identifications were at its peak. But the impact of energy is not only on the meditative activities they were on the overall life, the day to day activities, and every hour or in fact every moment was getting energized with newly adopted ways.


How Being a Sadhak Has Changed My Life: When I was completely engrossed in the enjoyment of being a Sadhak, the old unchanged non-adaptive Life had started presenting the Lifetime – challenges. This other side of Life was not ready to accept, engross, the new, the empowered, the enjoyable moments. The lifetime – challenges were appearing as a complete fights between the changed me and unchanged Life.
All my hidden and buried perspectives have started living in me presenting me the real things I have to work upon to be ‘a Sadhak’. It is time to get upon from me to self. I have woken up from the bed to Roses.

The Happy group (www.iamhappy.in) also keeps coming up with new activities to make the learning’s stronger, happier, and enjoyable. The Meditative living and the peace coming along was simply looking as a gift of being ‘a Sadhak’. Thank you my Guides and ‘My Life’ for preparation and opportunities. – Girija Chiatanya Garima

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