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Radha was elder to Krishna. Radha was a married woman. Priests, Social norms and morality cannot justify this. But the love and oneness of produced immense beauty and light which is invoking a great sense of devotion and guidance to the devotees with purity at heart even till today and it will continue to do so. 

Guys, If you understand the purity and height of love between Radha and Krishna, then you understand ‘Love’. Happy Janmashtami ..

– Dev OM


Question – I’m married and would like to understand what’s purity and height of love in this egoistic, materialistic Yeah Duniya ?

Response by Dev OM – Tejpal ji there is a simple formula. to experience a love or life like Krishn- just be like krishna. live all his traits and qualities. be sthitpragya and then you will surely experience the heights of love and life … to start with first do a gap analysis between your and krishna’s qualities. Make a list and start filling the gap one by one. And you will achieve it. And this is for all who want to do it. I wish u love n light

Dev OM – yes, Marriage has nothing to do with it. u can still be krishna like. that’s what we learn in our classes at our centre

Question:  What’s sthitpragya ? I wish to be Krishna like and have sublime state of mind so I can harvest, love, laughter, happiness and peace in my every day life of a businessman.

Dev OM —  Definition of ‘Sthit-pragya’ from my book Shivsutra- “A person who is established in his pure consciousness, remains in balance, remains aware about all the inner and outer happenings, is a Yogi. Krishna calls such a person ‘Sthit-Pragya’ – The one who is established in his Soul-Consciousness. The one who is Sthit-Pragya, is always rooted, centred and does not deflect. He does not lose the balance of his given Karma-Life at any point of time, even while he goes through extreme situations.”

Question – Devji, it’s ultimate and really inspiring to note your depiction of Shivsutrapragya. No doubt to be always rooted, cantered w/o deflection is supreme, but in this modern world under present temptations is a formidable task couldn’t be achieved so easily. One has to be totally earnest and than practice self/soul consciousness.

Dev OM – this world and life was, is and will always be full of temptations.. Its all about making the right choices and making them on time. And most important living the choices after making them




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