Spirituality: An Easy Way of Life

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Spirituality is a healthy lifestyle. It has a simplistic approach but complicated by our so called spiritual leaders. Every time you try to free yourself from the worldly traps by putting a foot forward in the direction of Spirituality you find yourself caught in the bigger cage. Spirituality is not transformation of your religious ideals but transformation of your way of life.

Spirituality is as simple as eating. But how many of you know how to eat, how much to eat and when to eat? So as a beginner you need to focus on yourself. Understand yourself; recognize your goodness and areas of improvement. When I began my spiritual journey, this was one question that I was asked and unbelievably I didn’t have much to speak upon. Being a professional and having gone through the interview processes, I had answered this question many a times but without a sincere thought. Then a day came where I had all the time in the world to focus on myself. Once I knew myself, I became an aware soul. I realized it was the beginning of my journey towards an aware life; a Spiritual Life.

Seekers of spirituality, here you are to the easiest path to inner peace. After acknowledging yourself, you start concentrating on your behavioral patterns and how these patterns have a rippling effect on the people connected with you. Steadily you start working on your choices and ameliorate the problems arising because of wrong energy choices. The more you are on a righteous path, the more empowered you feel and the feeling of happiness or peace starts invading your life. Once it happens, you will concede that Spirituality is setting in. Every new dawn will bring new experiences which will add links to the chain.

Nevertheless, spirituality is not an effortless journey. It is like sowing a seed, easy to begin but its growth requires efforts in terms of awareness, positivity, compassion, nonjudgmental attitude and many more. Therefore, to climb the spiritual ladder you need to constantly endeavor to keep your negative energies away and concentrate on your true nature i.e. Peace, love and Happiness.

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