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No Comments on Radhe-Krishna


Radha was elder to Krishna. Radha was a married woman. Priests, Social norms and morality cannot justify this. But the love and oneness of produced immense beauty and light which is invoking a great sense of devotion and guidance to the devotees with purity at heart even till today and it will continue to do so. 

Guys, If you understand the purity and height of love between Radha and Krishna, then you understand ‘Love’. Happy Janmashtami ..

– Dev OM


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No Comments on The Nothingness…SHUNYAM

Everything is ready in place for an existential resource. Once you understand that time is the biggest illusion and you are not capable of any outward creation or destruction the doer in you will automatically die. Just understand this and there will not be  anything else left for you to understand in this whole universe..

The only thing we are capable of is to change our own self rest everything is in the hands of the existence...

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No Comments on Right NOW IS LIFE…


Absence of awareness of the moment that you are living in, leads to past or future. Which ultimately makes you live in the outer world (Maya).   …Just by being aware of your inner world, keeping a check on your thoughts, emotions, feelings can bring you to the present, to the moment you are in. Living in the moment is living the inner world. This inner world is your Self/Divine. More you live in your inner world makes you get rooted in your Self...

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