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It was in the month of November, 2015 when I took oath for being a ‘Sadhak’ throughout my life. My journey however had started a few years back. The newly adopted life as a Sadhak has been good with the goals I had set up seems to be getting accomplished. The new realizations and energy identifications were at its peak...

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1 Comment on Shut up and Run!


Running is something a lot of people hate and for good reason. I have been one of those who hated running for majority of my life. I didn’t find any merit in running even if it had a lot of health benefits. I’d rather play sports or workout in the gym I said to myself. Running is so boring and monotonous. It’s not my thing. I would never enjoy running...

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1 Comment on Living Beyond the Mind Traps

Living Beyond the Mind Traps


It is very interesting to watch and witness the mind creating thoughts. It creates all kind of thoughts, pictures of the past and the future. As the thoughts arise and swirl, the mind, our being, flows along with it, wandering. With this flow it goes from one thought to the other and lands into the trap of vicious thinking.

The non- stop wondering of the mind from past to future thinking leads to mind traps.The mind allures itself...

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