The Nothingness…SHUNYAM

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Everything is ready in place for an existential resource. Once you understand that time is the biggest illusion and you are not capable of any outward creation or destruction the doer in you will automatically die. Just understand this and there will not be  anything else left for you to understand in this whole universe..

The only thing we are capable of is to change our own self rest everything is in the hands of the existence. Once we understand this we will remain untouched in any situation.Then only we realize that we are neither the creator nor the destroyer of anything than the doer in us will automatically die and then only we become the resource of the existence. Existence has already been decided about every happening, but we come to know of this only when we r ready to understand the reason of the happening so in fact this makes time also an illusion or it is just a gap for us to understand and see the happening which has already been decided…

Meni Prem Shunyam



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